The Seishun 18 Ticket, that is a special discount ticket issued in Japan which allows holders one-day unlimited rides on the local trains of Japan Railways Group during limited periods of year (from Wikipedia). With this special ticket, I am going to travel around East Japan on my way back home. I’m still making my plan yet, but this whole 5 days visiting as many places and people as possible. Please give me some inspiration!


Sore Throat

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Ummm, not getting well yet. Since Wednesday evening, it’s been painful in my throat. Due to that, I cannot concentrate on anything. I have bought Ryukakusan, which is Eastern medicine for sore throat. Good medicine tastes bitter! Hope I can get well tomorrow.


Post Card

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Suddenly I have received one post card from someone. When I saw it, I immediately noticed that this was from who we sent her lost property at Morning Gloryville Tokyo. What a great pleasure it was! On the card, she said that she really enjoyed our early morning festival, and good luck on everyone who runs this. We’ll do our best to keep up the morning mood in Tokyo with Morning Gloryville Tokyo. Please come the next one Morning Gloryville Tokyo #02

突然、ポストカードを受け取りました。これを見た瞬間、誰から送られてきたのか、に気付きました。それは早朝フェス「Morning Gloryville Tokyo」にて忘れ物をした方。先日、送らせていただいたのですがそのお礼に、とポストカードを送ってくれました。本当に嬉しかったです。カードには、「とっても楽しかったです」と書かれており、これからもがんばってください!との旨も記されていました。僕らは、もっともっと東京の朝のテンションをあげるべくがんばります。次回は8月27日(水)!ぜひおこし下さいませ。Morning Gloryville Tokyo #02

Taichi Is Down

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Oops, I have caught a terrible cold now. Sorry about rescheduling all meetings, but I will get well as soon as possible and gear myself up very soon. Until then, goodbye for now.



B-SCHOOL #04 to find the core value of each project, and prototype itself to try and error. The reason why is that it is very important for project owners to know what’s the core value and message through that own projects in order to tell audiences why you do and what you do very simply. Any other stuff around projects should be options to strengthen the core value. Hope everyone has found it, and test them out until next week.


10 DJs x Craft Beers

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During July 2014, we have been organising a very localised beer garden called Craft Beer Terrace at Brighton Studio Daikanyama. Yesterday, I asked a friend who is a DJ to do a party over here. So we had 10 DJs in total and we enjoyed time with good music and good craft beers. If anybody wants to do parties over here, please do let me know. We can plan together.

今年の7月中、ビアガーデンのローカル版として「代官山Craft Beer Terrace」というイベントをやっています。場所は、代官山にあるオシャレスペース「Brighton Studio Daikanyama」です。昨日は、DJの友人にお声がけをして、「10人のDJs x クラフトビール」というなんともカオスな夜を過ごしました。いい音楽にいいビール。最高です。みなさんもなにかやってみたいこと、やってみたいパーティがありましたら気軽にお声がけください。いつでもいっしょに企画しますよ!

A Wedding Video

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New project has been started : to create an “unparalleled” wedding video! I’ll need to explore bit more about conventional wedding videos for the purpose of research. After that, hopefully I can have some inspirations and will be able to create something totally new and moving. I’m very much excited about this new project!


Moustache Talk #04

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Moustache Talk yesterday! We invited a film producer who has been working around the world in order to create the best movie in the world from Japan. I’m so glad to invite him our Moustache Talk and hopefully everyone has got inspired by him and we wish more and more producers become world-wide and take the creativity in Japan up. This photo has been taken at after party therefore it is very blur.